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        Bacalar lagoon Bride and Groom colorful portrait

        Bacalar Wedding – Pau + Gus
        Post – processed with Crush Preset – Soft Light

        Back in 2006, when I started in wedding photography, I found a lot of different ways to post-process images. It was a little bit overwhelming, to be honest. There were already a few trends, presets coming out, textures, and many ideas to choose from.
        I created my own presets for almost ten years. Now I can say that I finally found a set that I am in love with, the Visual Flow presets.
        It took me a few years of trial and error to find the best way to edit and color correct the images for my clients so that the pictures looked timeless.

        Why is this important to us?

        My sister and I live in a place where the colors are very vibrant and beautiful. Mexico has very harsh sunlight almost every day of the year, so our skies and landscapes have very bright and intense colors. You will find these on our walls or art. Colors are part of our culture.

        Backlit wedding reception portrait of bride and groom at their table with colorful led lit walls

        Secrets Silversands Wedding – Angela & Chris
        Post-processed with Crush Preset – Soft Light

        Many couples choose to celebrate a beach wedding because of the vibe, the mood, and gorgeous backgrounds. This has made us want to preserve the look of how things are at the moment. Our photography style is natural and honest, we love to capture what we see without filters. You can see read more about this and our natural portraits here.

        Bride and groom walking out of beach ceremony in Isla Mujeres

        Zama Beach Wedding – Terri & Andrew
        Post-processed with Modern Soft Light Preset

        On the other hand, we truly believe, wedding pictures will become a family document, a treasure for all our clients. Your wedding day might be the only time where all the people you love are together, and there is a photographer to document it from the beginning ’til the end. The more we think about this, the more we want your images to be as close to reality as possible. That is why we have chosen a timeless color correction, where skies are blue, and plants are green. For you to remember every detail of the day through your pictures.

        Groom puts ring on brides finger, low angled against blue sky in outdoors wedding in Tres Ríos

        Tres Ríos Wedding – Fer & Rafa
        Post-processed with Crush Preset – Hard light

        For anyone interested in our editing workflow, we have found in the Visual Flow presets the best tools to make an efficient post-process.
        There have developed three different looks so far we adore Modern and Crush. Both work perfectly with our style and are so easy to use in Lightroom.

        Bride and groom portrait, ocean in the background in Zama Beach in Isla Mujeres Mexico

        Isla Mujeres Wedding – Terri & Andrew
        Post-processed with Modern Soft Light Preset

        Retouching in Lightroom, say what?

        The LR Retouching toolkit is an excellent bonus as the Local Adjustment Brush tool in Lightroom has been perfected and allows faster workflow. Visual Flow’s Retouching Toolkit has built-in Dodge and Burn brushes, helping speed up my editing time even more. Plus, a bunch of really cool brushes to help you fly through your photos without opening Photoshop.
        From skin softeners all the way to enhancing skies, we are in love with these tools.

        Here are some of our after/before images:

        Visual Flow Presets before and after. Couple portrait against white wall with colorful flowers in Puerto Morelos Mexico.

        AFTER/BEFORE Puerto Morelos Town Session – Leslie & Ben
        Post-processed with Crush Preset – Soft Light

        Before and after Visual Flow Presets Modern Preset in Puerto Morelos

        Puerto Morelos Session – Alexandra & Giannis
        AFTER / BEFORE Post-processed with Modern Preset – Soft Light

        Visual flow presets before and after Crush preset bride and groom after ceremony leaves tossed.

        AFTER/BEFORE Presidente Intercontinental Cancun Wedding –
        Alexandra & Giannis
        Post-processed with Crush Preset – Flash

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