Vero y Gus

Hacienda portrait of bride and groom with green leafs



Vero y Gus – Hacienda Hunxectaman – Mérida – Yucatán – Mexico

Photographers – Citlalli Rico – Tamara Rico – Guest Photographers – Leo Espinosa – Juan Euan

Coordinación – Bakú Events

Bride looking at her dress hanging from the window

Bride getting ready with her sisters at home

Many hands helping dress up the dress

Bride sneaking out the window getting ready in Merida Wedding

Groom's reflection on a hanging frame
Photo by Juan
Groom getting ready Merida
Photo by Juan

Bride walking down the stairs at home getting ready to leave

Bride getting Ready bride and father emotional moment

Bride getting in the car in Merida

First look in Hacienda Hunxectaman

Emotional first look in Hacienda Hunxectaman
Photo by Leo Espinosa

 Bridesmaids helping bride with dress in Hacienda wedding

Funny face while hands help bride to put the dress on in Yucatan Wedding


Stray dog in foreground while bride groom and bridesmaids walk away
Photo by Tamara Rico

Bride & Groom portrait laughing beautiful texture in Hacienda Wedding

Beautiful green portrait of bride and groom in Hacienda wedding
Photo by Tamara Rico
Bride and groom in Hacienda Hunxectaman
Photo by Juan
Bride and groom wiping sweat from their foreheads in a hot wedding
Photo by Tamara
Bride and groom portrait laughing in Hacienda Hunxectaman
Photo by Tamara 

Hacienda Hunxectaman gorgeous background

Gorgeous red tree in Hunxectaman against blue sky

Bride and Father of the bride walking in Hacienda Hunxectaman Chapel
Photo by Juan

Bride and her dad having a moment ceremony

Ceremony in Hacienda Hunxectaman

Bride and groom ceremonyGuests during Hunxectaman CeremonyBride and groom end of ceremony in Mexican Hacienda Wedding



Red bride gorgeous reception light in Mexican Hacienda wedding

Bride and groom first dance in Hacienda Hunxectaman


Bride and groom first dance in Mexican Wedding

Father of the bride dancing on the dance floor

Wedding guests at Hacienda Hunxectaman reception

Wedding guest waiting to catch the bouquet
Bouquet toss ideas Mexican Wedding

Bride using veil for wedding guests to dance La Conga

Flying groom toss Mexican wedding

Bride and groom hug during reception at Hacienda Hunxectaman



So many stunning images. Juan did an amazing job, too! What a team!

Wow, qué gran equipo!
Increíbles increíbles.

yeeeeeeeeiiiiiii muchisimos clicks diiiivinossss mi Citla!!!eso mero mi Queen C + Dream T!!!

hermoso trabajo, felicitaciones

Bello Reportaje!!! FELICITACIONES!!!!!