MxColectivo Canterbury, UK

MXColectivo Citlalli Rico y Daniel Aguilar
Citlalli Rico & Daniel Aguilar MxColectivo Class.

Canterbury, UK

Thursday Aug 22, 2019

Full Day Class! Coffee and Lunch included.

Only 10 Spots available ( 5 spots remaining )

Price: £300

Special price for Nine Dots Community: £250

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The Class will cover the following subjects:

Natural Light

Daniel and Citla will talk about the experience of getting the most out of natural and ambient light without using a flash in order to get quick and beautiful results in any light condition.


We will talk about organizing complex situations into simple compositions that can translate into better content and moments in a photo.

Post Production

We’ll discuss what on-camera techniques we follow to avoid spending countless hours behind the computer in post production.

We will talk about how to get faster and more effective for our culling process.

How to tell a story?

We will focus on how the content and the image can produce outstanding storytelling in contrast of just shooting pretty pictures.


A revision of attendee’s photos or portfolios will take place during the workshop so we can show you how to get better at recognizing your photographic strengths and apply them so your photographic voice stands out from the rest.

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