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        Xcaret Wedding Photographer

        Bride Groom Silhouette Xcaret Wedding Photographer

        Magaly + Javi  Xcaret Wedding Photographer – Mexico

        Photographers – Citlalli Rico Tamara Rico

        Coordinación – Concepto Rosa

        Video – Goyo Saucedo – Maifriend Destination Cinema

        Do you know how it is when you meet someone and it feels you’ve known them for a long time? That is what happened to us when we first met Magaly and Javi. We shot an engagement session for them a couple of months before their wedding. There was an instant connection and we knew their wedding at Xcaret Park was going to be magical.

        Magaly is a determined, talented and beautiful mexican woman who happens to be a wonderful dancer and teacher in her dance studio in Monterrey. Javi is also a very talented and succesful business man from Spain. These two fell in love when they met and they live happily in Mexico. Their celebration was surrounded by love from their best friends and family from many different places in the world.

        We started documenting their celebration at Fairmont, Mayakoba, where they had an emotional first look before heading to Xcaret Park. We had a lot of time for portraits and enjoyed every second of them. Their wedding ceremony was at the beautiful Capilla de Guadalupe and the reception at La Isla.

        Thank you Magaly and Javi for trusting us your wedding memories, we also keep them as a treasure. May your life starting a new family becomes as wonderful as you guys are.

        Family getting ready at Fairmont Mayakoba Xcaret Wedding Photographer Bride having fun with bridesmaids at Fairmont Mayakoba Wedding Photographer Bride getting ready about to put her dress on Xcaret Wedding Photographer MJ-Bride-Bridesmaids-Getting Readdy-Funny-Xcaret-Wedding-005 MJ-Groom-Getting-Readdy-Family-Grandma-Xcaret-Wedding-006 MJ-Groom-Getting-Readdy-Crying-Emotional-Xcaret-Wedding-007 MJ-Bride-Getting-Readdy-Dad-Emotive-Moment-Xcaret-Wedding-008 MJ-Groom-Headding-To-Ceremony-Xcaret-Wedding-009 MJ-Bride-beautiful-Eyes-Xcaret-Wedding-010 MJ-Bride-Groom-First-Look-Xcaret-Wedding-011 MJ-Bride-Groom-First-Look-Xcaret-Wedding-012 MJ-Bride-and-Groom-Portrait-Veil-Xcaret-Wedding-013 MJ-Bride-and Groom-on-a-boat-Mayakoba-Xcaret-Wedding-014 MJ-Bride-Groom-Mayakoba-Xcaret-Wedding-016 MJ-Bride-and-groom-portrait-veil-Mayakoba-Xcaret-Wedding-017 MJ-Bride-portrait-veil-Xcaret-Wedding-018 MJ-Bride-and-groom-Cementery-portrait-Xcaret-Wedding-019 MJ-Bride-getting-readdy-Xcaret-Wedding-020 MJ-Groom-waiting-for-bride-Xcaret-Wedding-021 Bride walking down the aisle at Capilla de Guadalupe Xcaret Wedding Photographer Bride-Groom-Ceremony-Emotive-Moments-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-023 Bride-and-groom-ceremony-emotions-happyness-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-024 Bride-and-groom-ceremony-happy-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-025 Bride-and-groom-after-ceremony-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-026 Bride-and-groom-guests-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-027 guest-lighting-up-Cigar-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-028 Bride-and-groom-first-dance-fun-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-029 Bride-and-groom-dancing-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-030 Bridesmaid-dancing-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-031 Bride-dancing-with-sister-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-032 Bride-and-groom-dancing-having-fun-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-033 brides-dad-dancing-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-034 picking-up-groom-dance-floor-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-035 Bride-dancing-and-having-fun-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-036 Bride-and-Groom-Dancing-and-laughing-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-037 Bride-hugging-family-emotional-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-038 Flying groom at reception Xcaret Wedding Photographer Bride-and-groom-dancing-fun-MJ-Xcaret-Wedding-040



        Love it, Cit! Such great moments. And the color – amazing! xo

        Genial tu trabajo! Es un placer para los ojos dar una vuelta por tu blog. Enhorabuena.

        Wonderful work! I’m truly impressed!

        imsporador, simple y sencillo

        Llenas de energia y emociones, super like!

        SO MUCH LOVE! beautifully captured Citla!!! I adore all the precious moments you captured in this one. 🙂

        Súper padre trabajo, colores, emociones, momentos!!! Te mando un fuerte abrazo Citla saludos!!!

        ahhh! Buenísimas! que chingonas fotos! 😀

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