Inspiration Awards Round 7

Award winning wedding photographer!

So exciting!!

Inspiration Photographers is an international association of photographers and video makers based in Brazil. It gives an award winning wedding photographer to the images selected by the judges. This is the first time we are part of the contest and we got 6 awards!! Most imporantly, it placed us on the Top20 list!! Yay!!

Check out the Top 20 list 2015 here .

Thank you my dear friend Frankie Costa for inviting me to be part of this project and to all the lovely couples who have trusted us. Thank you Sammara & Wade, Emily & Grahame, Katrina & Ben, Laura & Kris, Sam & Vadim and Andrea & Rodrigo.


You can see more winning images from this contest in our Inspirations Gallery here!
We created all this images in Cancun in different locations: Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa Mujeres and Nizuc. There is always something very special about weddings in Cancun. We have been living in this beautiful place for almost 30 years and enjoy every different venue it has to offer.
Isla Mujeres, for example, is a magical island. You need to take a boat to get there, so it is a full adventure since minute one. It has a small and charming downtown and some of the most beautiful views
Puerto Morelos is a fishermen town with a calm not so busy beach and some of the best resorts for weddings.
Playa Mujeres is a new area in Cancun, the continental side of Isla Mujeres. It has a beautiful beach in addition to several bran new venues to celebrate your lovely wedding.
Nizuc Hotel Resort and Spa is our favorite wedding venue in Cancun, therefor we will always recommend it for any kind of celebrations.

Breathtaking pictures Citlalli!