How to take care of your destination wedding photos

Family history

Your destination wedding photos will become an instant treasure for you and your family. It is more than likely that your special day will be one of the very few, if not the only one, where you will have a professional photographer with you and your loved ones for several hours.

You will receive photographs of the beauty of the day plus a lot of meaningful moments that will show the relationship with your people. We are in love with this part of weddings and it is what will make your images unique and special.

Why are prints so important?

We live in a digital era, where your photos can remain in storage in your computer, your phone or the cloud for the rest of your life. But if there is a Zombie apocalypse, there are very few chances of you being able to see them again.

We encourage you to have several backups of your images, and one of them is prints hanging on your wall or in your wedding album. Once the Zombies hit the world, you can always take the prints with you.

Jokes aside there is a huge difference in how we interact with images on screens than with prints. We value tremendously the idea of paper, decor and interacting physically with your images. This is why we will provide you with options to get the best quality prints once you receive your online gallery.

Your wedding album is a must.

Your Fine Art Book will become one of your most valuable tangible treasures in life.

We have proudly partnered with a company in Portugal, that has been around since 1979, to offer you the best albums. You can find more info about the books here.

Backups, backups, backups

We can’t stress this enough. Please make several backups once you receive all your images. In different hard drives, computers, at your friend’s or relative’s home, in the cloud. We recommend at least 3 different places.

This year we’re going to gift to all our full day coverage clients (8hrs or more), a beautiful set of prints and a USB drive with all your wedding memories. The best of both worlds.

Our beautiful wooden USB drives will store one of your backups, beside a gorgeous set of 5x7in prints for you.

(Dear friend photographers, take a look at all the awesome products our friends from USB Memory Direct have for us. They come with SLC technology so they are beautiful, fast and awesome).