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        First dance beautiful light bulbs strings at Dreams Riviera Cancun

        Rachel & Ryan beautiful celebration at Dreams Playa Mujeres

        Having Dreams Playa Mujeres wedding allows your guests to have a vacation while they celebrate with the couple who will start a new stage in their lives. And the couple is surrounded by their loved ones for over a day. It becomes a two or three day celebration with your closest people.

        Rachel & Ryan  decided to have a Dreams Playa Mujeres wedding, a fairly new venue in the Cancun area who has everything you need for a fun celebration.

        These two wonderful people found each other through technology, and trust us, they found their match. Ryan proposed to Rachel during a walk on the beach. He prepared a surprise proposal with a picnic table, candles and much love. She obviously said yes and there we were, celebrating with them in a beautiful beach wedding. Full circle!

        The celebration was coordinated and decorated by Carla from Mavelle Weddings.

        Thank you guys for trusting us. We loved meeting you and documenting your wedding.

        Dreams Playa Mujeres Resort beautiful view

        Mother of the bride giving water to her daughter
        Photo by Tamara

        Bride and bridesmaids getting her gifts Bride getting dressed at Dreams Riviera Cancun Venuw First look of bride and groom at Dreams Playa Mujeres First look in black and white at Dreams Riviera Cancun

        Portrait of Bride and groom at their venue with leafs
        Photo by Tamara

        Shoes here sign for ceremony on the beach Beach ceremony through branches Bride and groom walking out the ceremony with joy Creative Bridal party portrait on the beach Bride and groom portrait session not posed on the beach Groom close up with brides hand on his cheeks Seats assignment ideas with tequila shots Groom picking up bride from the dance floor Groom preparing speach and bride puting make up on during reception Bride and groom speach beautiful venue Groom reacts to speach with hand up Bride and groom dancing on the dance floor


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