Choosing your destination wedding dress

The destination wedding dress:

present in every wedding but unique in every bride. It represents not only the light and goodness in the newlywed, but also her style and boldness.

Our fearless brides are characterized by their dresses; each have influenced and inspired their wedding day in more than one way. However, the most important thing many forget and all who do regret is one: the wedding location in relation to the wedding dress.

Gorgeous beach first look bride dress

As simple as it may sound, deciding a location based on what you’d like to wear is easier said than done. The day of your wedding day, all eyes fall upon you and your spouse, and your love for one another. Make sure you feel beautiful (because you are) choosing the gown that makes you happy and allows you to be confortable. Always consider a mishap on the wooden or sandy floor and the weather conditions to make a choice.

Bride playing with veil and wind in Playa del Secreto


Choosing a wedding dress is usually an exciting and even bonding moment between a bride to be and their loved ones. To many, it may seem only like a symbolic clothing piece. But to the bride and all attending, it is present in one of the most important moments of her life. The dress is witness of countless memories. And every tear, every laughter, and every heart-skipping moment is treasured within its  fabric.

Gorgeous riviera maya portrait of bride and bridesmaids laughing at Viceroy Hotel

There are more than fifty different types of wedding dresses. And as much as we all know for them to be adjustable and adaptable to any and every outcome, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the location. Many wedding dresses can only go so far if they were meant to be for indoor weddings or vice versa. Imagine wearing a ball gown to a sunset beach wedding with a fifty degree wedding.

Tulum bride and groom playing on swing

As much as the mexican caribbean weather allows it, the venue plays a relevant part in the adaptability of the dress. For example, a ball gown could have been worn in a sunset beach wedding if it were taking place on a closed, air controlled salon with an astonishing view of the coast.

Wedding dress styles

Having doubts is common in big decisions such as saying yes to the dress. However, we have come up with a go-to list of wedding gowns and their more recommendable uses regarding their wedding venues:

  • Beach weddings:
    Outdoor weddings are my favorite type of weddings because of their unpredictableness. However, for a wedding dress to fit perfectly with the wedding theme. Anything from column, tealenght to mermaid fits boldly with the venue. Keep in mind you probably will not be wearing heels, so be sure you feel as dreamy with or without any.
  • Indoor salon weddings:
    Regardless of their view, indoor salon wedding are as good as they are comfortable. Taking comfortable is the definition of climate control and wooden or carpeted floors. Almost any type of wedding dress can be worn, but watch out for short, tealenght dresses. Cold may be a problem depending on who has the last word on air conditioning.
  • Park/Nature weddings:
    As beautiful as gardens with flowers and tree lights get, the best type of wedding dress for this outdoor venue is not really a dress. The jumpsuit wedding dress is a modern outtake to a dress tradition that makes for a professional. Flawless look that also helps keep the mosquitos away; plus, it makes every sitting garment a comfortable one.
  • House/salon weddings:
    For this intimate, personal type of venue, no one but the bride has a real last call on the type of wedding dress she feels comfortable in. Maybe it’s her mother’s wedding gown.  Details play an important role in these venues, and so does the wedding dress. Symbolically, A-line dresses with long tails and veils are common.

Bride and groom first dance Monterrey wedding

Regardless of the dress of your choice, you can always decide to go the extra mile and trash the dress.

The mexican caribbean is always ready for you to take a swim, dressed in white and with the love of your life by your hand. There have also been more peculiar trash the dress cases; however, they all can be resumed in one word: unrepeatable.

Trash the dress couple laying on the sand with waves

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Article written by Jennifer Cano