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        Cris + Robert – Grand Coral Riviera Maya Golf Course – Mexico

        Photographers – Citlalli Rico – Tamara Rico

        Coordination – Mavelle Coordinacion Eventos



        Photo below by Tamara

        Photo below by Tamara



        Photo below by Tamara


        todo el power mis fearless 🙂

        Once agian… you’ve got really great work and some intresting pictures.
        Love them!!

        – Your#1 FAN

        Potentes imagenes y llenas de luz, so great work !

        WOW! I love the way they did the lighting in so many of the shots. The beautiful couple made the photographer’s job easy.

        Que buenas!!! Lindos clicks!!

        So many awesome moments in there! Great work you two! It’s hard to pic a favorite but the last one might be it! Love them all!

        Me encanta!!! Un abrazo Citla!!!

        Que buenas…la de la pareja en el coche es tremendamente genial!!!

        Sin palabras…

        Bellas Imagenes !!!


        Siempre es un placer, disfutar cada pic de la gran “Citla” .. hermosas , grandes..

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