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        July 7, 2020

        Why does the post-process matter in your wedding pictures?

        Bacalar Wedding - Pau + GusPost - processed with Crush Preset - Soft Light Back in 2006, when I started in wedding photography, I found a lot of different ways to post-process images. It was a...
        January 31, 2020

        How to take care of your destination wedding photos

        Family history Your destination wedding photos will become an instant treasure for you and your family. It is more than likely that your special day will be one of the very few, if not the onl...
        January 22, 2020

        How to get natural portraits on your Destination Wedding

        Don't know how to achieve natural portraits on your destination wedding? We hear you. We know how scary it may sound to you or your future spouse to know you will have a photographer around you all t...
        Portrait of bride and groom with green foreground and background in Hacienda wedding venue Mexico April 29, 2019

        Hacienda wedding venue – Valentina & Omar – Inspiration Photographers awarded wedding images

        Hacienda wedding venue Las Mañanitas  - Valentina & Omar Inspiration Photographers Awarded images Valentina & Omar got married in Cuernavaca, Morelos in a beautiful Hacienda wedding venue ca...
        January 10, 2019

        Best Cancun Wedding Photography 2018

        Tamara and I are proud to share our best Cancun wedding photography 2018 !!! It's been an incredible year. We had with the Studio and associates over 60 events and portrait shoots. Also, several Confe...