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        Portraits at the Brooklyn Bridge

        Groom kissing bride on the shoulder by the Brooklyn Bridge portrait

        Yanire & Luis

        I was incredibly lucky to photograph Yanire & Luis for the second time, now for their Brooklyn Bridge session. It was such a wonderful experience. All the way from waking up at 4:45am to be ready at the Brooklyn Bridge at 6:15am to finding the secret Pier One Yanire wanted photos in. I will tell you about the whole experience in a little bit.

        Black and white portrait in Brooklyn Bridge of couple celebrating their Anniversary

        The Cozumel Session

        First time I met them was in a crowded pier in Cozumel 5 years ago. It was their Anniversary cruise trip and Yanire contacted me to meet them for a Trash The Dress Anniversary Session. Tamara and I took the ferry from Playa del Carmen and cruised for 45min to Cozumel. I couldn’t believe how many people a Cruise Ship had! I thought I was never going to find them. Fortunately we did so we headed to a nearby beach for their Trash the dress session. We loved meeting them there and I was so excited to see them again.

        Cozumel Session blue sky and green leaves framing couple
        Taken 5 years ago in Cozumel


        The Brooklyn Bridge Session

        5 years later, Yanire and Luis were planning their 10th year Anniversary in Brooklyn. First time for them in New York, and they want to celebrate it with another Photo Shoot. It took several messages and emails to figure out the places and the ideas Yanire had. We finally decided on meeting at a Starbucks in Dumbo to walk together to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was end of Summer, chilly and incredibly early. Daniel and I arrived when it was still dark, Starbucks was closed and the skyline was magical. I’ve never seen either Manhattan or Brooklyn at sunrise. It was such a good experience.

        Backlid couple on the Brooklyn Bridge

        Yanire and Luis arrived not long after us and we started walking towards the bridge. It was awesome seeing them again, they looked exactly the same! They have the same smiles and warm souls, it felt like the previous session was taken a couple of months before.

        Brooklyn bridge anniversary portrait bride looking at groom with jacket over the shoulder

        The four of us made it to the bridge after a 15 min walk and started the Brooklyn Bridge session at 6:40am. Best decision ever as the bridge wasn’t busy and we caught good opportunities with no one else around. Taking portraits at the Brooklyn bridge can be a little scary as cyclist go fast, and when it is crowded, it is definitely dangerous. We did our best to not invade the bikes’ lane and tried to stick to the middle or the pedestrian side. Yanire had stilettos heels and they became a challenge because of the wooden part of the bridge.

        Black and white wide portrait on Brooklyn Bridge

        We walked more than half of the bridge looking for different spots and photo opportunities. It was awesome to play with different lenses and cameras. We had Canon and Sony equipment with us, and 5 different lenses to play with. In a place like this, you definitely need wide lenses to capture the beauty of the location.

        Silohuetted couple on the Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan skyline in the back

        Pier One Brooklyn

        Once we were done with the bridge, we headed to look for the old Pier One. Yanire found some images as inspiration and she wanted to do something where the old pier stumps were. The area is amazing because of the Manhattan skyline behind. It is a place I would highly recommend for portraits!

        Pier one Brooklyn portrait with Manhattan skyline

        They exchanged vows and rings again, I was close to them and couldn’t help to get emotional with their choice of words and expressions. I probably teared up more than expected to be honest.

        Vow renewal at Pier One in Brooklyn

        Thank you guys for your trust and friendship. We are thinking of you in these hard times and wish you all the best and many more Anniversaries to celebrate all over the world.


        Couple standing in front of Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn bridge to the side.


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