Bridesmaids duties: helping out your bride

Congratulations bridesmaids! You’ve been chosen to be part of the #TeamBride, which means that besides having the best seats during the ceremony, you have acquired new responsibilities. In other words, a bunch of bridesmaids duties. These are of course, less glamorous than standing next to your bride looking gorgeous, but are equally important.

The workload will depend on the number of members on the bridal party. Although there’s no standard number of bridesmaids, the size of your wedding is a good indicator (e.g. 1 bridesmaid every 50 guests) as well as the number of groomsmen (many couples choose to have equal numbers). Some brides prefer to have relatives as their bridesmaids, while others choose really close friends instead. Either way, as part of this elite group you have to have your bride’s back at all times:

Liz & bridesmaids
Bridesmaids can be great at taking some weight off the bride’s shoulders.

Party planner skills

Planning a wedding should be a lot of fun, but unfortunately it’s stressful at times. Bridesmaids can be great at taking some weight off the bride’s shoulders. Volunteer to take the lead but still involve your bride in the planning:

  • Bridal Shower: two words: fun and relaxed. Most bridal showers are held during the afternoon, under a theme and traditionally, it’s a “girls only” event.
  • Find bridal boutiques within your bride’s budget: the search for the perfect dress can be overwhelming, propose to visit different stores and schedule an appointment if necessary.
  • Send off the newlyweds: maybe the couple is not into the traditional rice send off; if it is a destination or themed wedding, you can find elements to reinforce the vibes of the celebration. Make sure to coordinate it prior to the ceremony and keep it simple, as you want the great majority of attendants to take part (that’s the great advantage of rice).
  • Rehearsal dinner: the night before the wedding (or two in order to recuperate). Create a relaxed environment for the couple’s families to relieve pre-wedding stress. This event can be hosted by the future in-laws or the couple, just know you can help by scouting venues, catering and even have the initiative to dedicate a few words.

Guests lists for these events should be simple, do not invite guests who have not been invited to the wedding. Scout venues in advanced if needed.

Jenna & bridesmaids
Cheers to the bride.

“Miss Brightside”

  • Have the best disposition to help your bride in whatever she needs, especially when her groom is indisposed.
  • Avoid tension, try not to complain or question the couple’s decisions.
  • Pleasing everyone in the bridal party is almost impossible, focus on pleasing the bride instead.
  • Be disciplined and know your cue.

Two steps Ahead

Fight crisis with preparation by putting together a wedding day emergency kit. This can include: sewing kit, tissues, bobby pins, stain remover and even a tiny bottle of alcohol of the bride’s preference to keep nerves in place. This will not only come handy to the bride, but to all the guests.

Shirin's final touches
Shirin’s final touches

In most cases, there will be a Maid/Matron of honor. This title is reserved for the person that shares the strongest bond with the bride and serves as the chief bridesmaid. This person will hold the bride’s bouquet and stand the closest during the ceremony. She also dances with the best man during the newlyweds’ first dance and is expected to make a super emotional toast.

Be the bridesmaid you would like to have.
Bridesmaids share strong bonds with the bride.

If you’re asked to share a bride’s special day, be prepared to clean up “all literal and figurative messes”. Take your own vows and be the bridesmaid you would like to have.



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