Fearless Photographer of The Year 2011

Fearless logo with the title of Fearless Photographer of the Year Citlalli Rico 2011

Award winning Fearless photographer of the year 2011

Update! As an award winning fearless photographer, I  have been updating this post with all the awards won in the last 8 years, including 2012, 2013 and 2015 that we made the top 10 Fearless Photographers List and 2016 and 2017 Top 50 List. Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy!

Early this week we received wonderful news! I was recognized as Fearless Photographer of the Year 2011 by Fearless Photographers, an international directory with the most talented wedding photographers. Thank you to all the couples who shared their wedding day with us, thank you for being fearless too!

It’s been a long ride since I started in 2006 being part of the team of Claudia Rodriguez at Claudia Photo. Since 2009 I started shooting my own events and my sister, Tamara Rico, came along shooting all weddings together since 2007. We love this job and feel so honored to have been recognized with all these awards.

Here are all the images awarded in 2011 and 2012. Let’s celebrate!

Awarded image of groom tossed in the air while bride watches at a wedding reception in Isla Mujeres

We adore shooting real moments. That’s what drives us every wedding and fall inmediately for couples that want meaningful and real moments in their pictures.

Wedding earrings on a kids story book prince and princess

One of the most fun parts of a day is to get to use our creativity to shoot your wedding details.

Bride and groom at a ceremony framed with officiant in Las Vegas Fearless Award bride in Uayamon Wedding with bridesmaids walking down the stairs Fearless award of bride standing by the window with harshlight


Light has been a key source of inspiration for our images. Specially harsh light, we are not afraid of using it all the time.

bride looking out the window getting ready in Tulum house with harsh light Engagement session bride and groom close up green eyes Bride and groom reflection on the pool with palm trees at Azul Fives taken Best wedding photographer in Cancun and Riviera Maya

We’ve been fortunate enough to live most of our lives in paradise. Our warm weather is awesome and can’t complain about the beautiful backgrounds.

silohuette of a couple during purple sunset with mexican stars at Rosewood MayakobaBride portrait in Black & White with palmtree shadow over her face and chest in El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya Awarded image of hotel employees changing a lightbulb in a ballroom at Excellence Playa Mujeres

We are on it! All the time will be paying attention to all the things that happen around us. We will be there for you!

Bride and groom releasing butterflies at the end of ceremony at Azul Beach in Puerto Morelos Mexico Creative bride portrait with triangle shapes in black and white with calla lilies bouquet Bride and groom portrait at hotel Barcelo Maya Palace in front of Mexican Mural with creative use of harshlight Bride portrait looking into the sun with a creative use of shadows Bride waiting in her living room siting on a couch with bridesmaids behind her lid by gorgeous harsh light. Bridal party portrait all framed and standing behind trees in Cancun, Mexico

Friends and family are incredibly important to us too. We will include them in your photos as much as we can. Making sure they are part of your day during portraits and meaningful moments.

Dad hugs his daugther after the beach ceremony with Mom in foreground

Including your personalities in the pictures make them more real and authentic. You can suggest any ideas and we will be more than happy to make them happen. Check out Erika & Ken’s trash the dress session at Tierra de Animales here!

Funny photo of a dog biting and pulling the wedding dress of a bride in Tierra de Animales in Cancun during a Trash the dress

Windy wedding day umbrella breaks and bride runs to golf cart with her bridesmaids at Sandos Playacar Groom riding a donkey waiting for bride

Buffette line at wedding reception from an all inclusive hotel in riviera maya, Mexico Three generations in a black and white photo, with grandfather, groom and nephew during wedding reception at Azul Sensatori Creative portrait of bride and groom with harsh light at Azul Fives awarded image by Fearless Silohuette of bride and groom framed in hotel doors in Cancun Groom awesome dance with groomsmen in Cancun and RIviera Maya Fearless Award


Our couples are Fearless too! These two images are part of the collection that put us in the Top 10 List of award winning fearless photographer in 2015.

Indian ceremony bride places the floral garlands during the Jai Mala at the Royal Hotel in Playa del Carmen Portrait in Puerto Morelos couple framed in a bench with local people sitting on it Fairmont Mayakoba portrait bride and groom with creative light reflections Close up in black and white of sister's hands holding bride while getting ready to put her dress on Emotional moment during speeches of a bride tearing up and groom holding her shoulder to confort her

Emotions will drive us through the day and we will capture them in a sensitive and beautiful way. Check out Taryn and Gil’s wedding here!

Bride tears leaving a mark of mascara on her cheeks during ceremony in Tulum with colorful bouquet

Creative black and white portrait with and eye lit and use of shadows in Excelence Riviera Cancun Mother in law touches gently bride's face after beach ceremony in Tulum Rainy day in Xcaret during a wedding where silohuettes of guests with umbrellas walk outside the church Awesome father of the bride reaction when he sees her for the first time at Banyan Tree Mayakoba Funny expression of a bridesmaid while being helped to zip up her tight dress

We love real and fun moments, nothing is acted or staged. The only time you will receive minor directions is during portraits.

Tequila party during wedding reception where the bride holds the bottle of tequila given to the Mother of the Bride Father of the bride tries to hold the veil from the wind before all inclusive ceremony at Excellence Playa Mujeres black and white image of a groom holding tight his Dad bumping his glasses up Bride and groom creative portrait at Azul Sensatori awesome lobby

For me, being an award winning fearless photographer is to stay on my toes on being creative and finding beauty on every moment through the day.

Walking out the aisle groom looks at his wedding ring and bride walks with a joyful expresssion Bride and groom backlit with gorgeous sunset and beautiful cloud forms in the sky at Gran SirenisFather of the bride looks proud to his daughter during ceremony at Hacienda in YucatanFunny moment during jewish beach ceremony with groom touching bride's chest in Cancun

How it all started

I became a Fearless member since the association started in 2011. It was a great opportunity to showcase my work among other photographers and become an award winning fearless photographer wedding photographer one day. Little I knew that year my career was going to explode after winning Fearless Photographer of the Year. Since then it’s been a roller coaster of emotions, awards, weddings and teaching all over the world. Because of photography, I’ve been to most of the countries I’ve wanted to visit. I’ve also had the opportunity to teach in different languages to so many talented and wonderful photographers all over the world.

We love our clients

Our couples have all our attention. We have shot over 600 weddings by the end of 2018. Therefore have gained so much insight and knowledge in the Cancun and Riviera Maya that we could basically help you to plan your wedding too. We can’t do it because we will be taking your photos (obviously). But will be happy to help you through the process and give you some great Wedding Planners suggestions for you to choose from. We always partner up with vendors we trust and adore to work with. We all have to be in tune and make the best team possible to make sure you have a smooth and awesome wedding day.



You have a talent like NO other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olá Citlalli, passando apenas para agradecer por sua excelente palestra aqui no Brasil. Seu conteúdo foi inspirador.

Well deserved. Congratulation!

Que buena eres… felicitaciones de todo corazon!

Eres grande Citla, te quiero… besos

Citla, me siento muy contento de este logro. pero sobre todo te doy gracias por tu amistad y tu manera de ser, que haces que todos los que te rodean te tengan en una alitisma estima. Que sigan los exitos.

Wow Citlalli! te lo mereces gracias por inspirarnos! Saludos!

Muchas felicidades por cada premio obtenido, como mujer es un orgullo saber que pones muy en alto a Mexico, deseo de todo corazón pronto tomar un WS contigo, se que aparte de aprender fotografía, por post que he leído se que eres una gran persona, felicidades que Dios te siga bendiciendo enormemente en tu vida!!! =)

Yes! The Fearless Queen, proud of you, every photograph its magic, thanks for inspiring me 🙂

Citlalli, felicidades por este gran logro, gracias por inspirarnos con tu talento y sensibilidad!!

Muchisimas Felicidades Maestra!!!

You are the Fearless Queen!!! Congrats sis!!!

It’s all there! keep up rocking & inspiring the world

Congratulations! Much deserved!! Love that photograph especially of you shooting underneath the bench and framing the couple with it!

Citlaaaaa! aparte de una súper maestraza eres un ser humano lleno de luz y color como tus fotos! gracias por todo lo que nos has enseñado! te mereces esto y más!
atte: ppya

Enhorabuena Citla!!! un abrazo y Feliz Navidad y prospero año nuevo para ti y tus seres queridos.

you’re amazing, and deserve this title, every bit of it. congrats Citla!

Bien merecido Citlalli.
A por más

felicidades maestra, mas que merecido este reconocimiento, un abrazo!

Todo lo bueno que te suceda siempre me parecerá poco… Enhorabuena Citlalli !!!